The Yankees dramatic comeback in game 4 of the ALCS is the type that could live on in franchise and baseball lore for years to come if New York is able to advance to the World Series and then perhaps even win it all.

Yes, the Yankees have scored a combined 14 runs in the last two games, but it isn't the offense that deserves an overwhelming amount of the credit for being even with the Astros two games apiece in the ALCS. New York's starting pitching and bullpen have all but completely shut down baseball's best offense. No team scored more runs in the regular season than Houston, but the 'Stros have been limited to 9 runs in the first 4 games allowing the Yankees, even with the pinstripe bats struggling at times, to remain in every game and as we learned Tuesday night, if the Yankees can hang around, they are more than capable of coming back to win.

ESPN Baseball Tonight's Karl Ravech joined Big Board Sports Wednesday morning to react to that comeback and to preview game 5:

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