Generally speaking I enjoy watching drunken fools jump onto the field during a professional game, and then eventually get leveled and carted off to jail. It’s entertaining. It hasn’t been until this year that I ever saw someone rush the field and act like an idiot for a cause.

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If you frequent the 104.5 The Team website, then you are assuredly are familiar with the Jungle Bird, that crazy guy who interrupted Webb Simpson’s U.S. Open celebration, and has since raided the field during a Notre Dame game and “cooed” his way through the Women’s British Open trophy presentation. That fantastic fool is doing his part to spread awareness about deforestation. A worthy cause, no doubt. Well, now we also have Mark Harvey, who “streaked” his was onto the field last night during the Ravens v. Patriots primetime match-up. I put “streaked” in quotations because the guy technically wasn’t naked, not that I would want him to be, I’m just saying. Anyway, Harvey, who was able to allude security for quite a long time, apparently is using is boldly irresponsible decision making to spread the word about bullying. Harvey painted his body in large lettering which said something along the lines of “don’t be a bully, be a hero,” a message that I hope resonated with whomever he shared a cell with last night.

If you want to check out Harvey’s website, you can find it here. There you will find the true message behind his madness, and some slightly uncomfortable ramblings about him being a super hero. Enjoy.