So I'm watching NBC the other night and I see a promo for that show, Biggest Loser.  And then I noticed there was this really fat guy that looked really familiar.

That really fat guy was 2-time Olympic Wrestling medalist Rulon Gardner.  Wow, how the mighty have fallen (down and can't get up)!

The former Olympic wrestler went from a 286-pound world class Greco-Roman grappler to over 474 pounds in just 10 years.

That being said, it's nice to see he's trying to get his life back in order but I really don't think he should be on a reality show about training and losing weight. 

Before I tell you why, let's look back at Gardner's career.  You'll recall that Gardner pulled off the biggest upset in the history of Olympic wrestling.   He took home a gold medal in the 2000 Games after defeating Russian Alexander Karelin, who was previously undefeated in 13 years of international competition.  He also won a bronze medal in the Olympics in 2004.



Gardner then retired from international competition, but he continued to eat as if he were training.  That's how he gained over 200 lbs. 

Now back to "Biggest Loser".

I have always had a strong opinion about certain contestants on reality TV shows.  Former boy band members, singers, figure skaters and gymnasts shouldn't be on "Dancing with the Stars."  Why?  Because they've had formal dance training and more often than not, they are the ones that win (Drew Lachey, Kristi Yamaguchi) or finish as the runner up (Joey Fatone, Mel B, Mya).

Just like former Olympic Champions shouldn't be on reality shows about losing weight and athletic training when that used to be their job.  Most of the people on "Biggest Loser" have never worked out a day in their life.  Half of the battle for them is actually learning how to work out as they get to know how to control their hunger and manage their weight.  Gardner did all of that for a living - for decades. 

Again, I'm glad Rulon is doing something about his weight but is entering a contest worth $250,000 to lose that weight the way to go?

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