Stories of NFL "hazing" and pranks are legendary in the sports world. The truth is now that many teams have forbidden any such "Rights of passage" due to things being taken too far in the past. Our good friend Derek Brown said his rookie chores were as simple as making sure there were donuts for morning meetings. Former Richmond quarterback Kyle Lauletta told us how Eli Manning welcomed him to the league.

I think we've all been in a situation at some point in our lives where the bill comes after a nice dinner in a restaurant and were shocked by the total. Now imagine you're on the hook to pay for a bunch of NFL players to eat dinner in a fancy restaurant. Kyle Lauletta told us the bill came and he was stunned at the total "cost more than his car." Eli let him sweat it out for a bit before letting the rookie in on the joke. Not only was it a fake bill with an exaggerated total but Eli himself ended up paying the tab. Not a bad prank and a nice gesture from Manning that Lauletta obviously appreciated.

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