After a dominant win over the Packers, the Giants head into Washington to take on the Redskins.

Al Bello, Getty Images
Al Bello, Getty Images

Bob.  RGIII.  Sir Robert Griffin.  The Giants' Osi Umenyiora has used a few different names in reference to the Redskins' dynamic, rookie quarterback.  It was "Bob" in July when Umenyiora said the Baylor Bear hadn't earned a nickname, then "Sir" before the two played each other in week seven.

Umenyiora learned in that narrow Giant win, however, what Shakespeare told us some 400 years ago - a quarterback by any other name would play as sweet.

"Bob," "RGIII," "Castor Troy," no matter the name applied, Griffin closed the day as the best quarterback the Giants had played all season, according to Umenyiora.  And he's the one they'll have to battle on Sunday.

The Giants come into the game having shrugged aside the ghost of November-collapses-past that had risen up after two straight losses; Big Blue dominated the Packers in every facet of the game last week, posting 38 points and holding Aaron Rodgers and company to only 10.

The Redskins host Monday Night Football the winners of two straight - both wins over division foes - and a second place team in the NFC East.  The story of the year for the 'Skins has, undoubtedly, been Griffin's ability to make big plays, particularly through the air.  Perhaps, however, the story should be their success in the run game; the Redskins are first in the league in rushing with 163.5 rushing yards per game.

Either way, the Giants will have to worry about both on Monday - an offense by whichever unit you say is their strength would be as potent - and they'll have to be lead by the usual suspects if they are to get a win.  As we've said so often before, this is a defensive line game - Tuck and the gang will not only have to pressure RGIII, but keep contain and force the QB to step up into the likes of Canty and Joseph.  One without the other will likely spell disaster for the Giants - contain with no pressure will allow Griffin to pick apart a vulnerable, likely Phillips-less secondary, and pressure without contain will allow him to escape into generous running lanes.

Without Andre Brown, and against a staunch Redskin run defense - third in the league in yards given up - the Giant offense will have to be lead by Eli Manning and the passing game.  Expect success for Manning, Cruz, Nicks and the rest; it doesn't take a rocket scientist to beat the Redskin secondary - as DeAngelo Hall put it after their week seven matchup.

In the end, I think we get a high scoring contest that could come down to whomever has the ball last.  It's a six to five and pick 'em game, but if I'm forced to make a prediction, I think I have to take the 'Skins.  Without Kenny Phillips, and given the line's propensity toward ignoring contain responsibilities, I see too many holes for RGIII to exploit.  Manning will do his best, but I think the Giants come up just short.  34-30 Redskins.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.  Follow me on Twitter for thoughts throughout the game, check back after for a full wrap-up, and, as always, Go Giants!

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