I don't blame you if this topic bores  you and you stop reading this right now. I am bored with the topic as well. However if we just dismiss it, forget about it, pretend it doesn't exist, or become blind to it  we are basically saying cheating is ok. Cheating is NOT OK and Bud Selig can end it right now and put the topic to bed for good except he won't.

Cliffnotes: I hate steroids and roid cheats. It is the #1 hot button issue for me. I have spoken about it too much. I am betting no radio host has destroyed the roid cheats as much as I have. Steroids have almost destroyed what makes baseball the greatest game in my opinion. The numbers and the record books. It is time to end it for good right now no more games and claims.

I thought the drug program baseball put in was good. It is good. Cheats are being exposed. I mean how dumb do you have to be. That's you Ryan Braun. That's you Melky Cabrera. Now that's you Bartolo Colon.  Braun is lucky. because of a technicality he got off. You guys are the definition of shameful, disgraceful, and should be the face for new sanctions. I don't want to say the problem is rampant and I am not taking the word of the grandfather of steroid distribution Victor Conte. He is trash who now claims 50% of the players are still juicing. The numbers, i.e. runs scored and home runs are waaaaay down so I don't think so. I don't have any issue with the testing although HGH needs to be added to the test for substances.

It is time to remove the 1st 2 steps of punishment and go right to the 3rd. Lifetime ban for anyone that gets caught the 1st time. No 2nd chance. Roid and you are done. Just like gambling. If gambling on the game makes a mockery of it then what about roids? What about fake numbers, fake performance, and getting paid off those fake stats to say nothing about the numbers and stats the game so cherishes? To me gambling ISN'T as bad as steroid cheats!

Now Bud Selig will soon claim that the testing and program are working and to a certain extent he is right. But Bud now is the time to adjust the penalty  phase. NOW! Here is how you do it.

You start a publicity campaign against steroids and the players association. You basically run over them to get a new penalty program. You tell players association head Michael Weiner it is ruining our game, the integrity of the game and no more 3 step penalty program. If and when, more when, Michael Weiner balks you take it to the public and win the court of approval-the paying public. You force them to give in to the new penalty program. You DON'T negotiate it. You give nothing to get what is needed. You force them to make the deal or you make fools of them in public.

I remember when Donald Fehr was heading up the players association and the talks started about roid testing. Fehr said something like " we can negotiate it" or something along those lines. Bud no reason to make any deal. It is the clean way or the highway. Period! The End!

Again when not if Weiner balks take it to the court of public opinion. Despite the morons who want roids in the game, a small sliver, and despite those who try and make gray out of black and white, not a sliver but not the majority, you do what the game needs. You end it here and NOW. Testing stays and if caught you are gone! No chances! Let all those that want to muck it up  with nonsense like "well coffee does the same thing" or cocaine does the same thing" or  "Gaylord Perry threw a spitball" or any of this mindless prattle and bad analogies talk into the wind. You jam that 1 time and you are gone down the players throats. You force them to take it or leave the game. You can do it Bud. You need to do it Bud. It is your final legacy issue before you retire. Many blame you even more then the roid cheats for the steroid era. I have defended you. That is absurd in my view. But regardless you end it. NOW!

Bud the game is bigger then you. It is bigger then Bonds, McGwire, Clemens, Cabrera, Colon, Braun etc etc etc. The game goes on after you all have moved on. The game and the integrity is bigger and more important then any of these people. The game is bigger then the players association.

The time is now Bud Selig. No more 2 chances with large suspensions. The specter of being caught and getting kicked out WILL END THE SCOURGE  OF STEROIDS FOREVER!

Do it Bud. Do it for yourself if you must but most importantly do it for the REAL FANS whose game it is and who supports it through their hard earned dollars. DO IT NOW BUD. NOW!!!!!!!!!

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