Currently, there's a viral rumor on Facebook about Hooters coming back to Albany. So what's the rumor I read exactly? The rumor states that Hooters will be taking the place of the old Fuddruckers building on Wolf Road in Colonie. Fuddruckers closed late last year after being open since 2007. It is supposed to be moving to Clifton Park. For the past hour I've been hounding Google for definite answers. Unfortunately, I could not find any yet.

As most of you know, Hooters used to be located on the first floor of Crossgates Mall. The restaurant later was forced to close in 2007 after it was not getting the business to keep it open. Maybe this time around, the restaurant will get better business in Colonie.

I even searched all over Hooter's hotline website with hopes of finding something, but they cannot confirm answers for planned francises. The website states, "Building a restaurant and getting permits and licenses is a tough job. Taking a page from a bureaucrat's book, we cannot confirm or deny if we are coming to your city until the restaurant is well underway. By then you'll know it's a Hooters. Please note: no one at our Hooters Hotline will be able to answer this question, so please save yourself time by not asking them."


I did come across a promising Google search, which I took a screen shot (on the left). I came across a search that did list Colonie, NY as a Hooters location. That can be promising news to all you Hooters lovers out there!

Since I could not get the answers I wanted, I emailed the planning board of Colonie. Hopefully, I will get an response back from them and they will have the answer for me to share with my favorite Q103 listeners.

Besides, even if Hooters does come back, I'm sure they won't have my infamous purple bra (for whatever reason, Hunter thinks it's blue). But we all go there for the wings anyways, right?

UPDATE: I called the Planning Board of the Village of Colonie and I got everyone's answer. Hooters will be coming back to the Capital Region! It will be the old Fuddruckers building on Wolf Road. The the project was only approved by the board only within the last week or so. If you have any questions about the project, you can contact the board member, Pat Hurley.

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