Italy pulled off a huge win on Thursday against Germany, 2-1. Now they will have to face Spain in the 2012 Euro Cup final.

Sunday's final for the 2012 Euro Cup is all set. Italy will face Spain. The Italian team used two goals by Mario Balotelli in the first half to make their way, unexpectedly, to  a big final. It has been eight matches now that Germany has lost to Italy in major tournaments. This loss also ended Germany's 15-match win streak.

This is the greatest night of my life, but I hope Sunday is going to be even better

-Mario Balotelli

Italy has won four World Cups, but the last and only time they won the Euro was in 1968. Sunday will be a rematch of Italy and Spain's 1-1 tie in the opeing round of Group C. Get yourself ready for the Euro Cup final with a preview in this weeks '2 Guys 1 Mic' podcast.