In a time when inflation is at an all time high, the last thing the American economy needs is the circulation of fake money. In June of 2022, a man attempted to use counterfeit money at a Cortlandville Kwik Fill. Recently, another upstate New York area has seen similar shady activity:

Members of the Gloversville Police Department Patrol Division have responded to numerous complaints of Imitation United States Currency, labeled as “For Motion Picture Purposes”, being found on North Main Street. -Fulton County Area News via Facebook

In this post by Fulton County Area News, many individuals poked fun at the current economy saying things like, "Does any of our currency have value?" and "What's the difference... Inflation making prop money just as valuable". Interestingly enough, another comment speculated how the surge of fake bills came about by saying someone threw these bills out their car window on Route 30A in Gloversville. While officials haven't confirmed whether this person's comment is true or not, it would explain the sudden uptick of imitation currency, especially since Route 30A is less than a mile away from the street where Fulton County Area News claims the bills were originally found.

For Motion Picture Purposes Only

The post continues to say that the fake bills do not "feel like" real currency, so that should be a red flag for any unsuspecting individual. If you want to brush up on your skills when it comes to distinguishing real currency from fake money, the Secret Service offers the following information:

  • 2004 style Federal Reserve notes (FRNs) utilize colors in the background in addition to borderless portraits.
  • The paper is made of 25% linen and 75% cotton, and contains small red and blue security fibers that are randomly disbursed throughout.
  • The 2004 style FRNs have a frameless, off-center portrait.

Check out some specifics from the Secret Service:

How to Recognize Fake Money

If your money says "For Motion Picture Purposes Only", it's obviously fake. But what about when it might not be so obvious? The Secret Service offers these tips for analyzing your $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills to ensure it's real, legal tender.

Expert Tips for Avoiding Online Shopping Scams

In order to avoid a scammer getting the better of you, check out the following red flags to look out for as well as preventative measures to take from Dr. Skiba, AKA Dr. Fraud himself:

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