While it is your constitutional right to take photos in public, make sure laws are not being broken while capturing that perfect shot.

It's Illegal to Trespass - Even Just to Take a Photo

Whether you're looking for a sweet spot to capture a family photo or snap that next Instagram selfie, you have to make sure no laws are being broken at the same. It's pretty obvious you don't want to be walking into a stranger's yard or sitting on that strangers porch as this is considered trespassing and illegal.


Don't Take Photos At These Massachusetts Locations

Residential properties aren't the only place that you have to worry about trespassing. There's another particular location that's strictly off-limits to taking photos photos in Massachusetts.

Not Only Are Photos on Train Tracks Illegal They Could Be Deadly

Mass Coastal Railroad says trespassing to take photos along the railroad tracks is not only discouraged because it is private property it is also the leading cause of rail-related fatalities in the United States, MCRR officials said in a news release. In 2022, there were 619 trespass-related fatalities and 550 trespass injuries across the nation.

"In order to achieve the highest possible level of public safety we respectfully request that police departments in the communities we serve remain vigilant with regards to railroad trespassing and the enforcement of [state law]," - (MCRR) President and CEO Chris Podgurski

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What Is The Punishment for Criminal Trespass in Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Law prohibits trespassing on railroad tracks, which is punishable by a $100 fine or 50 hours of community service.

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