Hall of Famer Johnny Bench says Buster Posey played a major roll in the collision with Florida Marlins' outfielder Scott Cousins that left Posey injured.

Johnny Bench has an interesting point of view regarding the Buster Posey collision that left the San Francisco Giants' catcher with a broken bone in his lower left leg and three torn ligaments in his ankle.

Bench told a Tulsa newspaper, "Buster put himself in such a bad position. Buster is laying in front of home plate, and it's like having a disabled car in the middle of a four-lane highway. You're just going to get smacked."


I applaud Johnny Bench for actually making sense of this whole thing.  Buster Posey was in a terrible position to absorb any contact from Cousins.  Posey was on both knees in a completely vulnerable position when Cousins hit him.  If a running back runs straight up and down through the line of scrimmage and gets whacked by a middle linebacker, I'm not going to blame the rule book.  It's unfortunate that Posey got injured, but he should've protected himself better.