Eli Manning is an American Icon. He is the Poster Boy of New York City and the epitome of winning. He’s got a babe of a wife, two Super Bowl MVPs and he’s fresh off a knock out job as SNL host. Yet Kevin, a young wiz-kid from god knows where, has never heard of him.


Come on, Kev. The other day on Teen Jeopardy, Kevin flubbed the question of who the current Super Bowl MVP is, by answering Aaron Rodgers instead of Eli Manning. What’s worse, it was a picture question.A teenage boy who couldn't tell you who Eli Manning was if you showed him a freaking picture?!?! Bring on the wedgies. Listen, I think high school bullying is a terrible thing, but this kid is not helping himself. Stop with the complex fractions for a second and watch the freakin’ Super Bowl my man.

The funniest part of this whole thing is the board that is left when Kevin picks the question. If you look at the leftover questions on the board they are all related to “sports” and “cars.” These kids ran through Ancient Roman Poetry and Quantum Theory questions no problem but no one had the guts to take a shot at sports or cars. Not a good look if you’re trying to impress the young ladies. I mean, just watch the girl next to him laugh when he gets it wrong. Harsh. My boy Kev needs to do himself a favor a pick up a Sports Illustrated, or even an SI for Kids if he wants to take baby steps, and study up on that for a bit. Eli Manning, thanks to clutch playoff performances and unparrelled class, is NFL 101.