Producer Woods here. Just hacked Levack's account on his computer. For some reason he left his computer unattended. Rookie mistake in this office.


After the show, the guys always walk down the hall to answer questions from the media about the show. I figured I'd give our listeners a glimpse of what these post-show press conferences are like. Needless to say, they're actually pretty interesting.

Today, Levack had a run-in with obnoxious caller 'Ray'. In this presser, Levack responds to Ray and explains his reaction. Meanwhile, Goz lashes out at Levack for his treatment of Carmelo Anthony. Goz, a well-known Melo supporter, nearly breaks down in his Anthony defense.

The major question posed in the presser was, "why my post-show grade was so low?"

Here was their post-show presser from yesterday:


HEY WOODS!!! THIS IS WHY YOUR GRADE IS LOW! Stay off my computer!!! Levack

Stay tuned for more post-show presser's with Levack & Goz.



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