First off I don't think I've ever misread a series nearly as much as I have this early April meeting between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. I thought the Yankees would take game one and they lost 14 - 1. I thought game two would be low scoring and no one would start an issue. Wrong...wrongg...wronggg.

The Yankees and Gary Sanchez jumped on the Red Sox early putting four runs on the board in the first and knocking David Price out of the game. IT was the third inning when the rivalry spiked back up to a fever pitch. Tyler Austin slid into second cleats high and cleared the benches after questionable contact with Sox' Short Stop Brock Holt. Cooler heads prevailed and the game continued. That wasn't the case in the seventh inning when Joe Kelly hit Austin with a 90 plus mph fastball. Benches cleared and punches were thrown.

Bottom line for me is the only thing I really had an issue with was when you hit a guy the pitch needs to be under 90 mph and closer to the batters backside then their head. This is what baseball used to be. Tempers flare and guys get after it. No one was truly hurt and the league will punish Tyler Austin, Joe Kelly and Phil Nevin. Then we move on.

Now when I go on air today at 2 pm I'm going to start so many fights with Red Sox fans it's going to be great.

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