Recently I learned that a Connecticut restaurant is offering an escape to the 'Wizarding World' of Harry Potter. Much of the restaurant has been decorated to make you feel as if you are on set of one of the enormously popular movies based on the books by J.K. Rowling. Before you take the daytrip, check out the pictures below.

Have you 'Herd'? Now that the Harry Potter theme is underway, the same restaurant announced plans to offer a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired outdoor patio that Jack Sparrow himself would be proud of. No reason to be 'grumpy'.

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Cava Restaurant Fine Dining Italian is right next door to New York State at 1615 West St. Southington CT. Each year the restaurant transforms into different themes. During the holidays, for example, Cava is a winter wonderland! Today, with the wave of a wand, the Italian restaurant looks like Hogwarts.

Cava Restaurant's Wizard Room is now open and the Pirates of the Caribbean roof top patio debuts Friday May 20th! The restaurant has 4 dining areas altogether, each with their own theme and designs are never repeated.

Cava Restaurant spares no expense when creating each individual theme. As you will see in the pictures below, their holiday display featured 70,000 feet of Swarovski Crystals! For the Harry Potter inspired experience you will need reservations to dine in their 'Great Hall & Alley' or 'Harry's Wizard Room'.

Are you ready to see a restaurant like none you have ever seen before? Before you go, make your reservation HERE or call 860-628-2282. For now, keep scrolling through these amazing pictures and video.

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