The Florida Marlins were hit with a sucker punch when Edwin Rodriguez up and quit on Sunday leaving them with no manager.  They have decided to bring back a familiar face in Jack McKeon.

When things aren't working out, go back to they way it use to be.  That's what the Florida Marlins are doing.  They have decided to give former manager Jack McKeon another shot at a team that seems to be lacking heart.

McKeon, 82, managed the team from 2003-2005 and won the World Series with them in '03.  He was also manager of the year in 2003.  His methods are very old school, so superstars beware.  McKeon doesn't take any crap.  In his debut last night, he sat out diva shortstop Hanley Ramirez.  A bold move for a team that is 19-1 in their last 20 games.  They lost again last night, 2-1 to the Angels, but hey this is going to take some real work.

McKeon is the kind of guy to whip these young guys into shape.  That is if team management allows him to stick around.  Apparently everyone is on thin ice right now, so hopefully McKeon has some tricks up his sleeve.  They got rid of him in 2005 because he was to hard on the players, but I think they have finally decided that the players need a good kick to get them going.  Maybe if they start producing they can get more people in the seats down there.