After dealing with nearly two feet of snow in the last 24 hours, I feel like Mother Nature is having her way with me!

I honestly feel emotionally, physically and mentally abused by all of this bad weather.  I might even need therapy.  Enough is enough!  I’m holding up the white flag for Mother Nature to stop.


Since December, it’s gone from -10 degrees to 5 inches of snow, back to -10 degrees and then a 10 inch snowfall a day later.  It's essentially been rinse and repeat for 2  months straight.  When will it ever end?

It might not be the Capital Region’s worst ever winter in terms of snowfall or even temperature, but it just won’t ever relent!!


Do you know what's even worse than the bad weather?  The driving in the bad weather. I have some driving pet peaves that make me nuts. 

Clean off your damn car!  I can’t stand it when someone drives on the road without cleaning the snow off their car first.  Invariably, the snow falls off that person’s car onto other cars – either behind them or around them.  To me, cleaning off your car before you drive is like taking a shower before you head to work.  You don’t go to work dirty - just like you shouldn’t leave your house with your vehicle ill-prepared for the road!

Please don’t tail me!  It’s a fact that on icy or snowy roads, it’s going to take your car more time to stop.  So why on earth do people out there tail cars that are trying to stay safe on unsafe roads? 


I was driving home from work last night – going about 20 mph on a 40 mph road.  Some chode-bag was right up on my tail the entire time.  I was so livid - Im thinking to myself, “I’m not trying to wreck here…I’m trying to make it home safely.”  Why is this guy doing this?  Is he really in a hurry tonight?  Everything’s closed – where is he going?  So he finally passes me and he’s got a huge truck with a gun rack on the back.  He starts yelling and raising his hands at me! 

Are you going hunting at 8pm?  The tackle and bait shop is closed there Tootsie!

I can't wait until I can see the grass again!  We're only 3 months away - yeah!

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