This new points system is more complicated then a hillbilly love triangle/family reunion. I can never tell which is which. Here is the breakdown and my reaction.

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So NASCAR’s new points system is the same as the old system for the top ten, points leaders will advance to the Cup Chase. New this year they will be adding 2 wild card positions that go to the drivers with the most wins who are not in the top ten in points, as long as they are in the top 20 in points at the end of the season. AHHHHH BRAIN FREEZE

Points will awarded in the same style as last season with winning getting a new edge you will receive 43 points for the win plus a 3 point bonus…. HUH? What you get points plus points if you win and then you can get points for laps lead and some other junk with the max being 48 points a race.

I’m a pretty smart guy, and I have no flipping (Insert what ever word you want) clue what NASCAR is doing here. I think they are finding away to sneak some more undeserving drivers into the Race for the Cup. They are doing it by making it way to complicated to call them out on their BS.  This is easily the most complicated playoff structure in sports, even ahead of the old College football system of “because we said so”.

I’m in radio so I’m pretty good at demographics, and I know that people who watch golf are usually bigger earners or higher educated then MMA fans. I also know that NASCAR fans are slightly more educated then Monster Truck fans, and firework enthusiasts. So what better way to improve the sport by adding math.

To most NASCAR fans math is that thing they do in their head when they super size their Big Mac, or to calculate how many cats can fit in 1200 square foot house (1200 is the answer, give or take 50).  What are the added points on top of the points you get for a win, why don’t they just give you those points just for winning? Why does there need to be bonus points on top of points? It’s like saying every time you buy a six pack u buy a four pack and get 2 more for free… NO YOU BOUGHT A F*****G SIX PACK!

Speaking of six packs the average NASCAR fan has about 9 of them during a race. So your expecting a group of people who have eaten more beers then College students during rush week to take off their shoes and do math. I won’t be surprised if NASCAR fans heads will start exploding during the Daytona 500 trying to figure out if Dale Jr. is going to win the points for the race.

I’m not ripping any one; I can’t figure this stuff out. I follow hockey and that is complicated but its like finger painting compared to the “Good Will Hunting” level of equation that is NASCAR.

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