As expected, things did not go smoothly Friday and it looks like the NFL lockout will last through this weekend as the NFLPA reviews the owners proposed deal.


All eyes were on the NFL Players Association yesterday as they were expected to vote on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  That vote did not happen, and now they are working through the weekend to better understand the proposed deal.

An email was sent out saying that the players would be meeting on Monday, but NFLPA sources say that's not true and they are working on the "finishing details" on the deal that owners approved on Thursday. This puts a snag in the owners previous claims that Saturday (today) would be the start of free agency.  Looks like that will have to wait a bit longer.

According to ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton , most of the settlements have already been agreed upon.  If a deal is not reached by Wednesday, the first week of the NFL preseason could be in serious trouble.  That of course because both sides agreed on a mandatory 15 day period before the start of the preseason or regular season.  Lets hope that this weekend a deal gets pushed through.

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