Last night’s Olympic ladies’ figure skating results have caused quite a stir as several people are upset that Russian Adelina Sotnikova was awarded the gold medal over reigning Olympic champion Yuna Kim of South Korea.


As of 8:40 a.m., more than 1.6 million people have signed a petition on, a website that hosts public petitions to investigate the judging decision.

Kim ran through her long program beautifully. But the 17-year-old Sotnikova had a more difficult program scheduled last night and was able to beat Kim by more than five points.

Sotnikova's long program score of 149.95 was more than 18 points better than her previous career-high of 131.63, according to the New York Times.

Kim held a 74.92-74.64 advantage after the short program.

Several prominent organizations and people around the sport and at the Games took to twitter to express their feelings on the decision.

Katarina Witt (German Figure Skater, two-time gold medalist): "Shame Gold Medal, Yuna Kim is a real queen"

Bill Plaschke (American Sports Journalist): "Kim didn't win...unbelievable...scandal written all over this...Russian Sotnikova wins, fans going crazy, Kim disappears, wrong, wrong"

Alex Goldberger (Olympics Researcher at NBC): "Adelina Sotnikova was excellent tonight, but Yuna Kim was robbed"

Terra Findlay (Canadian ice dancer): "I'm speechless. Yuna Kim, you are a queen"

NBC Olympics (Official Twitter): "Yuna Kim wins Silver. 17 year old Sotnikova wins Gold, and Kostner wins bronze. Do you agree with the results?"

ESPN: Official Website News Article titled "Home Cooking", "Home-Ice Advantage"

CBC Commentary: "That's a shock...Did you see that coming" (of Sotnikova winning) "Well I think I saw a medal coming, I'm just not sure we thought it was going to be that one" "As caught up in the moment as I was... I'm still stuck on quality of skating that Yuna Kim has, and the moments where you see jarring images during Sotnikova that she's not ready yet ...The judges have their job and I really look forward to looking at it again so I can see it with fresh eyes but yes I am sitting here a little stunned"

New York Times: "Comparing the Jumps of Sotnikova and Yu-na" included rating of Sotnikova's Triple Flip and Double axel as "Poor" in the free program and Yu-na's ratings consisted of Good only.



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