It's more good news as things keep heading in a positive direction in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.

What a difference a month makes. In January we were in the midst of the COIVD post-holiday surge, and the number of cases felt like it was growing astronomically. Now, the new has turned and those infection numbers continue to dip.

According to the Governor's website, the positivity rate for COVID tests on Tuesday fell to 2.85 percent, the lowest it has been since about 3 months ago - November 21st. For the Capital Region, the news is even better as the positive rate was just over 2 percent, and had even dipped below 2 for a couple of days prior. Each day's rate is a 7 day rolling average of the daily positive rate.

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The good news of late seems like it is really starting to pile up and it is hard to imagine just a month ago things were ore hit and miss. Between the news of infection rates dipping, things starting to open up a little more here in the Capital Region, as well as more vaccination sites opening, it feels like for the first time in the last 12 months all the momentum is pushing us closer to the possible end of the pandemic. As we head into spring the one-year anniversary of all the sadness, guidelines, and restrictions, the end cannot come soon enough. And wouldn't a spring rebirth of all we know and love as far as our social lives have perfect timing happening in the season of rebirth?

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