Bragging rights. A possible playoff spot. Pride. All go to the Giants and for us Jet fans and the team itself it's hope next year is better. Yes I know the Jets are mathmatically alive but let's be honest it isn't happening. Let's be extremely honest and say the Giants aren't that good either. The Jets were sloppy, and undisciplined taking 10 penalties including a dumb cheap hit out of bounds on Aaron Maybin that also  hurt Giants coach Tom Coughlin. On paper the Giants are the better team and on the field Saturday they were I guess better at least on defense. Neither team has much to crow about but since the Jets did the majority of the talking before hand  they now have to take the hit. As usual Rex Ryan yapped all week about the Jets owning NY and how he didn't come to NY to play 2nd fiddle to the more accomplished Giants. Get the fiddle Rexy and maybe next year lose some of the lip (that's not likely to happen)

But let's be honest the Giants didn't play that well. This game sort of symbolized both teams play this year. The Giants made a few great plays. The 99 yard catch and run by Victor Cruz and the bruising TD by Ahmad Bradshaw. My question is where has this Giant defense been all year. Oh wait they were playing the Jets offense, the 1 that doesn't throw the ball over 10 yards unless it's 4th and 2 then chuck it deep. Yeah that play made sense. The Jets got bailed out by a pass interference on the G-Men. Big blue's defensive line re-appeared with 5 sacks and a safety that all but iced the ballgame late in the 4th quarter.

For the Jets a season that started with hope that this would be the year they finally got over that last hurdle and made it to the Super Bowl will end in Miami next Sunday unless you think  Cincy, Tennessee, Denver and or Oakland will all lose next week. Hey Santa's coming in a few hours so I guess you never know. Actually I do know. The Jets haven't played a full 4 qtr ballgame against a good team all year so really a playoff spot would be laughable anyhow. No for us Jet fans it's time to admit we weren't good this year and have a decent re-tooling (not rebuilding) job ahead of us for next year.

Big questions to answer- What will be of Mark Sanchez? He slid back a bit this year but unless the Jets can sign Drew Brees I see no reason why he doesn't deserve another year. However both co-ordinators Brian Shottenheimer and Mike Pettine have much to answer for as both units have been dissapointing. The special teams haven't been special at all, and then there is Rexy. His constant talking is great when you win but when  you lose well the fool is us. Will Rex be humbled by his underachieving team. Yeah will the Seas open and the sky fall..No, No and NO.

What will be of the Giants. They can beat anyone and lose to anyone and that's proven out this year. Eli Manning is now in a 2 game slide and they are up and down like an elevator. Yes they can get on a roll and go deep in the playoffs but they are very capable of losing to the equally frustrating Dallas Cowboys next week and not make the playoff party. The Giants are a big enigma and predicting their games is harder then solving rubiks cube. Congratulations Giant fans because you do own NY as usual after this victory