Robert Kraft may be the king of the Patriots, but he is tangling with the King of Russia, not a battle he can win.

Kraft claims his his ring from Super Bowl 39 was swiped by the former KGB agent, now president of Russia.

Kraft, according to the story, gave Putin his ring to wear and check out on a visit to Russia in 2005. Kraft claims he gave the ring to Putin to admire but then the Russian strong man put it in his pocket and walked away, surrounded by 3 members of Putin's spy ring, known as the KGB.

So strange is this story that a Putin spokesman took to CNN  over the weekend to claim the ring was given as a gift.

Kraft claims when he gave Putin the ring, he tried it on and commented that " With this ring I could kill somebody."

Putin must have been bragging about the ring because Kraft tells a story about how former president George W Bush called him and mentioned how generous it was for Kraft to give him the ring and how it was a good gesture on behalf of American-Russian relations if the ring was given to Putin.

The Russian mouthpiece that took to CNN claims the ring was a gift and that Kraft's version of events are "weird".


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