The 2016 Rio Olympics may be over, but they helped provide a very touching story for a child in need. Piotr Malachowski, a prominent Polish discus thrower who took home a silver medal in the Rio Games, decided to auction off his medal in hopes of raising enough money for 3-year-old Olek Szymanski, who has retinoblastoma, to receive surgery on a form of eye cancer he is currently battling.

Brother and sister Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk, the richest people in Poland at an estimated 3.4 billion, "declared their willingness to buy my silver medal," Malachowski said. The pair bought the medal for an amount that helps the Szymanski family reach their goal of $126,000 to pay for the surgery. Before they purchased the medal, the auction sat at a mere $19,000.

"We were able to show that together we can do wonders," Malachowski wrote on his Facebook page. "My silver medal today is worth a lot more than a week ago. It is worth the life and health of a small Olek. It is our great shared success."

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