We have some severe weather in the Albany area this evening including a tornado watch. A watch is not as serious as a warning but you can be sure if this turns into a warning (or other severe weather develops), we’ll do our best to pass along information on the air and online. Many of you have smart phones and iPads, so in the event you experience a power failure here are some sites and ways to keep yourself informed:

For starters you download our mobile app radioPup and remain listening for updates - also tune in to our sister station WGNA-FM for updates if the weather turns bad.

The National Weather Service in Albany has their site constantly updated with on the fly information - plus National Grid has an outage map / reporting tool that you can use to make sure you have the latest information.

As with any severe weather treat, use some common sense - stay away from windows, don’t take a bath, etc. If there is a threat of a tornado (from the reports we’ve received the chances are very slim) make sure you’re ready to take cover with your family and pets in the basement. If you don’t have a basement, contact a neighbor who does or resort to being under something such as a table, located in an inner, first floor room of your home.

Here are some more tips from the National Weather Service:

1. Seek shelter under a sturdy table in the basement.

2. If no basement is available, go to a first floor, small interior room or a room on the opposite side from a tornado. Stay away from windows.

3. In schools, churches, and shopping centers, go to designated shelters away from outside walls, glass, and large rooms (malls, auditoriums). Get under a table or counter or in a restroom or small storeroom. DO NOT GO TO YOUR PARKED CAR

4. In motels, lie down in the lowest-level interior hallway away from glass. Dive under a bed or pull a mattress on top of you as last resort.

5. In a vehicle, drive away at a right angle to the storm movement. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN YOUR VEHICLE. Abandon your vehicle and lie in a ditch or culvert or under a low bridge.

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