One of our locally known natural wonders includes the strangest tourist attraction in the state of New York.

New York State is known for some awesome natural wonders. Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park "The Grand Canyon of the East," and all of our amazing state parks come to mind. But one local tourist attraction at one of our state's natural wonders is getting some recognition as the Empire State's "strangest."

Cobleskill Attraction Named Strangest In New York

24/7 Tempo named their Strangest Tourist Attraction in every state and their search in New York for our most unique destination led them to Howes Cave just outside of Cobleskill, which is home to some stunning underground caves. Your first thought is they must be talking about Howe's Caverns, but it is another quirky Howe's Cave attraction that took home the title of New York's Strangest Tourist attraction.

Secret Caverns Facebook Page
Secret Caverns Facebook Page

Secret Caverns Named New York's Strangest Tourist Attraction

Known for their quirky, witty billboards, hippie vibe, and of course access to an underground cave and waterfall led 24/7 Tempo to name Secret Caverns the strangest tourist attraction in the state. Here is what they had to say about one of our most unique tourist destinations:

Just outside Albany, New York is the town of Howes Cave — home of the Secret Caverns. Hand-painted billboards from every direction point the way to the caverns, which contain an impressive underground 100-foot waterfall.

The Secret Caves experience is like no other - if you haven't been take a little tour in the photos below!

Tour Secret Caverns, NY's Strangest Tourist Attraction

24/7 Tempo has named Secret Caverns in Howes Cave outside of Cobleskill the strangest tourist attraction in the state of New York! Equal parts quirky, hippie, and astonishing, take a little tour of this destination including their underground caves and waterfall.

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