From his hipster glasses to his Belichick hoodie to his themed t-shirts, Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is a bit of a sports fashion plate. (That's him in gnome form, at left.) In years past, the unconventional Maddon has asked his players to embrace fashion themes on road trips: dress like nerds, don wigs or wear plaid jackets, etc.

This year? He just thinks they should 'look hot.'

"If you think you look hot, that’s how you should dress," Maddon said. "...I told them I've had different themes in the past and we needed them at that time. Now we need you guys to create the theme."

Okay, then. We're picturing an entire locker room full of guys getting into 'blue steel' mode. This is not how you compete with the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox.

And, we don't even want to know what 'look hot' may mean to a guy who brings a stuffed boar's head into the spring training locker room.