As you all know, I love the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. There's a special level of fun when both teams are good. Obviously, I prefer when the Yankees are better than the Red Sox but there's no better head to head match up than Yankees vs Red Sox when it matters. This year the Red Sox are holding it down as the best team in baseball and the Yankees are possibly the second best. So after a four-game sweep of the Red Sox over the Yankees, I figured I might hear from some Red Sox faithfuls. This one is clearly in love with the Red Sox and ME.

So we decided to video tape me opening the latest "Love Letter" from a fan calling themselves "Yaz."

I have so many questions, like how old is this person? Did they really stop Listening? I'm betting no because they write a lot. The biggest question for me is "do they really hate me?" because that would be hysterical.

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