The Bills have three completely different players competing for their quarterback position. Who should the fans want to win it?


"There are so many ways the fans are looking at that," said WGR's Sal Cappacio. "But I think the most polarizing pick would be EJ Manuel."

The reports over Manuel have ranged from him being the starting quarterback in 2015 to not even being include on the 53 man roster. After a disappointing night against the Jaguars in the pre-season opener, perhaps Buffalo could now be leaning towards the latter.

"A lot of fans are still entrenched with EJ, they still are rooting hard for him. And then there are a lot of fans that have jumped off and want no part of him right now. I don’t think you have a consensious of who the fans want but EJ is clearly the most polarizing guy."

In case Manuel didn't pan out in his third year, the way the staff has always been hoping, they brought in an insurance piece in Matt Cassel.

"Cassel is the safe option for those fans that realize he may be the best way to go as far as trying to manage the game."

During Friday's pre-season game, Cassel had a pair of successful third down conversions and was 7 of 8 for 45 yards.

Then, of course, there's always a wild card with Rex Ryan and there is definitely an obvious this year in Buffalo.

"A lot of fans are intruiged by Tyrod Taylor."

Taylor was a  longtime backup behind Joe Flacco the last few years and Ryan has been projecting him to be a force to reckon with. Most believe that with his abilities, he'd be able to do the most with his offense, but it's unknown if he has talent level to do so.

On Friday night, the quick quarterback notched a pair of touchdowns and was the best looking Bills quarterback of the three.

We'll learn a lot more about Taylor within the next few days as Ryan has announced that Taylor will get the starting reps on Monday and Tuesday when the Bills host the Browns in Rochester.

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