I know it's only one game but after yesterday's 28-14 season opening loss to the Washington Redskins, the Giants have more questions than answers right now.

Right now, the Giants offense is limited and ineffective.  

You can’t lose two veteran offensive lineman and two of your most dependable, clutch wide receivers and expect there to be no dropoff.

The Giants offensive line was horrendous for much of the game. The line gave Eli Manning no blocking.  The Redskins looked like the 1985 Chicago Bears out there.  Why on earth did the Giants only run the ball 7 times in the 2nd half? They only had 20 runs the entire game.  What happened to Giants smash-mouth football? 

Eli Manning has regressed under Kevin Gilbride’s system since 2009.  I think this is a big year for Eli. He hasn’t been to the playoffs in 2 years. He needs to get back to being a winning QB. 

Injuries have destroyed the Giants defense.  There were four starters out on defense.  Their pass coverage is awful. Their linebackers were invisible.  Let’s be honest – Rex Grossman threw for over 300 yards and had a QB rating of 110.  Rex made big play after big play. At times, he looked like Joe Montana out there. The secondary was no where to be found of most of Rex’s throws.

How can you expect to be a playoff team when you can’t beat other non-playoff teams?  The Redskins are a team on the Giants schedule they should sweep. Period.  The Giants are supposed to be the better team – at least I think.

Let's face it, the Giants don't have good enough players. They've got 11 rookies on the roster and back-up players that are now starters.

This coaching staff is starting to get stale.  Yesterday, we saw a lot of the same problems we did at the end of last season. Nothing has changed. Bad decision-making, poor discipline and lack of intensity or motivation.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is supposed to be a disciplinarian. But man – does this team seem to lose their cool in the worst possible times.  Bad penalties, late hits, interceptions, all of it. 

There are 15 weeks left in the season but what about this Giants team makes you think they're going to turn it around?