It has been a little busier than normal navigating the areas around the Sitterly Road bridge since it closed earlier this spring for reconstruction.

If you have driven to any shopping destination in the bridge's general vicinity, you have felt that extra congestion over the last few months, especially out and about on the weekend. Relief from that congestion is here.

According to a press release from the New York Department of Transportation (DOT), the Sitterly Bridge, which runs over the Northway in Clifton park, reopened to traffic today 5 days ahead of schedule. The bridge was damaged back in the spring of 2021 when it was struck by an illegally sized vehicle. The new bridge is 18 inches higher than the previous span, and also added something the old bridge did not have: sidewalks.

Work will continue underneath the bridge on some finishing touches, including a video traffic monitoring system.

If you are a resident of Clifton Park and Halfmoon, you can appreciate how much this relatively small span reopening is going to make life navigating the areas around Clifton Park Center, Target, and Home Depot a heck of a lot easier.

Take a Look at the First NY Thruway Rest Area Completed

There has been a lot of construction being done on the New York State Thruway Rest Areas and finally, we are starting to see some of the rest stops being completed. Although the first rest area is open, this is one of the smaller versions of what the other ones will look like. The Indian Castle rest area just 90 minutes west of Albany is beautiful with a Popeye's and Starbucks inside. It boasts a Starbucks drive-thru and a convenience store featuring a variety of New York state products.



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