Luis Severino had high hopes this season as did all fans for him but much like the rest of the Yankees he has come up short. The Rookie is 0-3 with a 6.86 ERA so far on the Season. Yes the season is young and so is he but as I stated before Spring Training, this is a IF team and so far IF Severino can pitch at a high level is a resounding no!

New York Yankees:

Luis Severino (R)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF
2. Brett Gardner (L) LF
3. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH
4. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
5. Brian McCann (L) C
6. Carlos Beltran (S) RF
7. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
8. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
9. Chase Headley (S) 3B

Baltimore Orioles:

Chris Tillman (R)

1. Joey Rickard (R) LF
2. Manny Machado (R) SS
3. Adam Jones (R) CF
4. Chris Davis (L) 1B
5. Mark Trumbo (R) RF
6. Matt Wieters (S) C
7. Pedro Alvarez (L) DH
8. Jonathan Schoop (R) 2B
9. Ryan Flaherty (L) 3B