There have certainly been categories on "Jeopardy" that have stumped me in the past. Any categories about geography are sure to have me feeling about as smart as a rock (hopefully no rocks read this and get offended). However, it's pretty shocking to me that three contestants were only able to give the correct question to one Yankees based answer. How would you have done if you had the buzzer in your hand?

$200 - In 2009 Jorge Posada hit the first home run in the new Yankee Stadium; In 1923 the first in the old park was, naturally, hit by this man.

$400 - ALL RISE! On June 11th, 2017, a ball landed in the bleachers 495' from home plate off the bat of this 6'7" Yankee.

$600 - It wasn't just baseball at the old stadium; this Frank Gifford team moved there in 1956 and promptly won a championship.

$800 - Stadium swan songs include this immortal center fielder's, getting the Yanks' only hit off Luis Tiant September 25th, 1968.

$1000 (Daily Double) - A museum at the stadium has statues of World Series hero Don Larson and 60'-6" away from this Yankee great.

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