A few big games going on Thursday night in the NBA.  The Celtics, 76ers and Lakers all with a chance to move on with wins, but one team couldn't get the job done.


Philadelphia 76ers 79, Chicago Bulls 78

The season for the Philadelphia 76ers was one that no one could have predicted.  They shocked everyone by giving the Miami Heat a hard time in the playoffs last year, and this year they continued to stay hot.  They began the season as one of the best in the league, and it was a bit tricky towards the end.

Chicago went into the playoffs as the number one seed, and spent the majority of the season as the best in the NBA.  They were unfortunately a victim of injury.  Without Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, they fell to the Sixers in 6 games.  The man who has been the face of the 76ers was the one who decided the game.  Andre Iguodala put up 20 points, and his free throws at the end of the game was the make or break moment.

Boston Celtics 83, Atlanta Hawks 80

Old.  That's what the Boston Celtics have been hearing for the season, and the last few years.  With three of the best veteran players in the league, the Celtics were out to prove that they would not be outdone by a young Atlanta Hawks team.

The Hawks had given the Celtics trouble in the playoffs in the past, and this year they were the higher seed then Boston.  But then there were these 'old guys'.  Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen all played a big part in the Celtics winning this first round of the playoffs.  The young players were also instrumental, particularly Rajon Rondo.  His assists and distribution helped aid the older guys into making some of their big shots.

Boston will now face a very young, and very hungry Philadelphia team in the next round.

Los Angeles Lakers 96, Denver Nuggets 113

Andrew Bynum is no doubt eating his words from earlier in the week.  He said that closing out games is easy.  Now with two attempts to close out the Denver Nuggets and coming up short, the Lakers have been put in a tight spot.

The Nuggets force a game seven, and despite the Lakers being down they are not out.  This team has what it takes to win, but Denver will be riding some crazy momentum heading into Saturdays game seven.  Denver has had some big performances from their starters, as well as their bench.  Ty Lawson put up 32 points last night.