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Team Fredette is Two Wins Away from $2 Million
Jimmer Fredette has been the star of this summer's The Basketball Tournament and Gloversville's EJ Gallup says he has the best job on Team Fredette: Jimmer's backup and knock down shooter off the bench
Bob Baffert on Justify's Retirement, Injury and Impending Pay Day
For all the thrills and memories Triple Crown-winning Justify provided the world of horse racing, his Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith, his Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert and his owners, the retirement of the three-year old legend isn't made any easier by that success.
Lack of Hustle Headlines Latest Struggles at the Trop
Not that I could find a lot of wiggle room to excuse a player for not running out a ground ball in, let's say, the final at-bat of a blowout, but in a one run game with the bases loaded down to your team's last out? Inexcusable. An absolutely benchable offense.
Your Boy Swish: Always-Energetic Nick Swisher on MLB's 2nd Half
Swisher immediately endeared himself to Yankees fans when he joined the team in 2009, serving as a key member of that World Series championship team and nine years later, the 12-year big leaguer made a splash in Albany at the Center for Disability Services.