Dominic Raiola, long time offensive lineman of the Detroit Lions didn't make any friends within his own fraternity but fans should embrace his words.

The 11 year OL flat out declared that he knows his job is dangerous, that health issues may strike him when he gets older, that he wouldn't join this absurd lawsuit that over 1,000 former players have lent their name too, and that he has the greatest job in the world and loves it.

Imagine this quote from a player " I think when you sign up for this job you know what you are getting into". How honest. How refreshing.  How he must be angering his football playing brethern. Imagine someone taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

Over 1,000 players have declared that the NFL didn't protect them well enough and that becuase of that they suffer from different ailments. Yeah I wonder how many of those 1000+ watched the game of Football and said "hey perfectly safe sport let's play".

Now if you are asking why should I care about this lawsuit let me give you 2 reasons.

1) If this lawsuit goes the way of the ex-players and they win the billions they would seek who do you think is going to pay the freight? that's right you  the fans. What you think the NFL owners will just accept losing billions and not pass the cost onto you? Think again. That's how it works. That 8 dollar beer will now be 10 bucks. That $200 seat will be $250.00.

2) Maybe this might hit you harder if you love the game of Football and who doesn't-all these decisions being made by Commish Roger Goodell when it comes to the absurdly named "player safety" is because of fear of this lawsuit. If you think the game is losing it's toughness and that sort blame this suit. What you thought Goodell really cares? Pfft! I said on the show (Game On with Bruce Jacobs) the other day I don't care about player safety. Now don't take that to mean I want players maimed or targeted or permanently disabled. Not so! however why would I care if th players don't? And they don't cause they know it's a brutal game and they play it anyway. That's what I mean when I say I don't care. the players themselves don't care.

Back to Raiola and this quote "I don't know that I can justify suing the league when I am done". Zing right between the eyes!

So all these players wnat to reap the rewards of playign football, they know the danger although now they claim they didn't, then when finished playing try for a cash grab claiming they weren't protected. Nonsense!

I will leave you with this quote from Raiola " I have so much fun playing the game, I really don't worry about it". It's common knowledge people will suffer. Memory loss will come, you are hitting everytime you take the field, I am ready for it-it's worth it, it's totally worth it-this is the best job in the world, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world".

Thank you Dominic for the flat out honesty. I should note that not all players suffer from these ailments. I know a few players personally and to my knowledge none do suffer from these ailments and all loves playing the game and the rewards that go with it.

Imagine taking responsibility for one's own actions and choices. Thank you Dominic Raiola!