And the Lord saith unto Tebow, "Tim.  You're going to have to do this one on your own."  So what if he couldn't do it this one time?  No need to get off the bandwagon.

Dear Former Members of the Tebow Bandwagon,

Hey!  What happened?!  We had a real thing going on just a couple days ago, now I feel like I'm the only one left.  Alright, things didn't go well against the Patriots.  That wasn't what we were used to, I know.  I, like you I'm sure, spent the fourth quarter waiting for the waters to run red, or for a swarm of locust to come and literally lift Brady off the field - for the miracle to happen.  But it didn't.  It was disappointing, I know, but that's no reason to bail out of the Ark just yet.

Come on!  He's still the same guy you fell in love with.  His wind-up is still so long that if he were a pitcher, Jorge Posada would steal second and third on him.  He's still woefully inaccurate, though he is improving.  He's still running an offense that is only effective in lower end Pop Warner leagues, and he's still the NFL quarterback with the least amount of raw talent - except maybe Tyler Palko, that dude is brutal.  He's also still the man that possesses a furious resolve, allowing him to run over and through defenses late in games.  He's still showing up on Sundays, leading by example and working his ass off.  He's still the NFL version of Rudy Ruettiger - Except, you know.  Without the stock scam.

Look, I'm not saying that I'm sold on the Mile High Messiah as a long-term success story.  What I am saying is that one loss to a possible number one seed shouldn't make you turn your back on the best story in sports today. This Sunday saw a nauseating display of vanity from Santonio Holmes - a touchdown celebration while his team was being blown out - and Antrel Rolle ardently ignoring his own horrid play while throwing his teammates under the bus, so let's not walk away from Tim Tebow because he wasn't able to beat the 11-3 New England Patriots.  He's still 7-2 as a starter, he's still an electrifying watch - at least in the last five minutes of a game - and his team is still in position to win their division.  Oh by the way, he's still the same gracious, humble, sincere, admirable man that made him the fan favorite that he is.  Sure, Sunday would have been a lot more fun if the Broncos had managed to score thirty points inside the two minute warning, but they didn't, and that shouldn't be enough to allow us to let this story die.  Yes, it may have taken some of the shine off, but in a month that has seen a college basketball brawl and the arrest of an NFL wide receiver/cocaine dealer, it's becoming more and more clear to me that I'm on the right side of this.

Tim Tebow may not be a great quarterback - let's face it, he's not - but he is a great man, and his team has a great record with him at the helm.  In a sports culture so full of thuggish buffoonery, I haven't been able to find a reason to not root for Tim Tebow and the Broncos, and I won't let one loss to a great team be that reason.  I hope you feel the same way, folks.  I hope that, if you bailed, you find the error of your ways and come back to us, cause this guy is something special.  Plus, Skip Bayless and I are getting awfully lonely up here.

Eternally Yours and Eternally Tebowing,

Joe Bianchino