1 of the most popular and talked about and look forward to video games, that being the Madden video game, announced the winner of it's yearly "cover guy" contest and it will make many a football fan very happy.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

Former Lions great Barry Sanders won the vote in contest, beating out Adrian Peterson of the Vikings to adorn the cover. Many fans who believe in jinxes will be thrilled by this vote. The Madden cover in many ways, because a number of players who have landed the cover have suffered injury that same year, is looked at similar to being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The old " SI Jinx."

Sanders beat out Peterson by a vote of  taken by over 700,000 participants. Sanders garnered 58% of the vote. It is the 2nd time Sanders will appear on the cover, having won the cover spot in 2000 also as a retired player. Sanders retired surprisingly right after the 1998 season. He gained over 15,000 yards in his brilliant career.

Over 40 million votes were tallied for the contest throughout the process. Sanders also beat out in previous votes, the great Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and newly retired Ray Lewis.  What no Mark Sanchez?

For " Gamers" as they are widely known the Madden video game is the standard by which all others are measured.

All in all a total of 700,241 votes were tallied in the final voting. Sanders won 58% of that vote. Peterson finished with 42%.