Adam Wainwright will require season-ending Tommy John surgery.  I wonder if this is a photo of the actual pitch when Adam Wainwright jacked up his arm.  There is one thing I'm not wondering about though.

The season for the St. Louis Cardinals is over before it begins.  The Redbirds have absolutely no chance to win the World Series this year in light of this injury.  They wouldn't have had a great chance to win a title if Adam Wainwright was healthy, but they have absolutely no chance without him.

It pains me to say this because I am a diehard Cardinals' fan.  You gotta call it like it is though.  Adam Wainwright is a bonafide pitching beast.  His ERA is 2.53 over the last two seasons.  He's won 39 games over the last two seasons.  He's been freakin' nice over the last two seasons.

Losing Wainwright is an enormous loss.  It's a season-crippling loss, and the Cardinals simply will not be able to get to where they want to be without him.