Give credit to the folks who handle promotions with the  Siena Saints. Coming off a big win over Fairfield on Friday the Saints are feeling pretty good about themselves and hope the fans show up for the Sunday home game against Niagra. You say you are a Giants fan and don't want to miss that game-well you don't have to. Siena is offering a 2 for 1 deal. They will be showing the football game on the scoreboard while the basketball game is going on below.

Now the offer does beg this question-is this a good idea? Sure some fans who want to root on the Giants will be thrilled they won't have to miss the playoff game vs the Falcons. Both start at 1pm est. However will showing the Football game distract the team from the most important task. Winning and concentrating. This is a very important game. Both Siena and Niagra are toed in the conference at 1-3 so the winner can make a little space for themselves but again will it distract from the task at hand? Let's face it kids get distracted easy. If coach Buonaguro detects his team is distracted  there really isn't anything he can do about it. perhaps after that win Friday against 3rd place Fairfield the coach isn't  concerned about this seemingly trivial matter.. If I were the coach I gotta say I would not be thrilled with this idea. I want my team and the crowd focused on the task at hand, Beating Niagra. Give credit to the sales and marketing dept. The Saints haven't been drawing as well as years past. We will find out after the game if their gain isn't the teams loss.