Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid found some reasons to be optimistic about a 31-24 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles were believed to be Super Bowl contenders before the season started.  After four straight losses dropped their record to 1-4, most people are jumping off of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl bandwagon as if it's on fire.

However, following a disappointing loss to the Bills on Sunday, Andy Reid found a few reasons to be positive.  "I thought the effort was good.  I thought as the game went on we continued to get better in most phases of the game," Reid said to reporters on Monday.  "There are some good things we can take out of this game."

The balancing act of taking some positives out of a loss has always been interesting to me.  It's not an easy thing to do.  You have to find something to build on as you go forward, which is what Reid is trying to do, but you run the risk of being too positive following a loss.