Every athlete wants to win a championship. Every franchise wants that glory, but if you put together a team of all-stars how far will it get you?Many teams have tried the strategy of putting together the ultimate team in the past. In some cases, it has been successful. In others, not so much. Sometimes, it can’t be helped. If players don’t gel and the leadership isn’t there you aren’t going to get much out of it.

The best case scenario is to put together a group of veterans. They know how the game is played and are willing to work together to get that big win. Teams that put young superstars together tend to get nothing but friction. The Philadelphia Eagles found that out last NFL season. Eventually they clicked, but it was too late because they failed to make the playoffs.

In Miami, the Heat have been favored for two years now to win a championship. It hasn’t happened yet, and may not this year now that they’re on the brink of being eliminated. Can big name players coexist? Or are they always going to fall in the end?