The no big deal injury Arian Foster suffered against the 49ers in the 3rd preseason game is a little more serious then we all first thought. This is news for fantasy owners, whether Arian likes it or not. See his MRI here.


The MRI Shows something that Arian calls “Anti-awesome” which is a white film that surrounds the muscle. This has elevated his time missed from one preseason game to possibly as many as 3 regular season games.  Also he will have a lingering injury, hamstrings don’t just go away they can last for months after they are “healed” .

If you’re a fantasy owner of Arian’s you best bet is to look to your back ups in week one. Also be the first to grab the surprise back asap off the wire.  Arian was the surprise back last season so there can be gems out there right now. Look towards his back up in Houston or for a rookie back that will get some playing time.