Anybody who has ever played miniature golf can appreciate this video.  There is a laugh-out-loud moment halfway through this video as well.

This video is fantastic.  A YouTuber named "ShavenApeLtd" made this masterpiece.  My favorite moment occurs halfway through the video when Tiger Woods misses a putt.  Tiger's reaction is hilarious.  The video really picks up steam at that point.  There is also something that is strangely funny about seeing Augusta National, the holiest of holy golf courses, turned into something that is anything but.

This video takes a great idea and maximizes it to the fullest.  Great stuff.  The 76th edition of the Masters gets underway this Thursday.  Tiger Woods will be looking to earn his fifth green jacket.  I'm hoping that Tiger will be in contention on Sunday.  A major with Tiger in the mix is always more entertaining.  It'll be fun to watch the drama unfold.

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