Some stories just write themselves.  This is one of those times.  Bar Refaeli, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, has released a new line of underwear.

Bar Refaeli has released a new line of undies.  She has unveiled an even better marketing campaign.  I can just hear the wheels turning when the powers that be were considering their marketing strategy.  I envision something like this; "Hmm, underwear.  Bar Refaeli.  Now, follow me here.  I think Bar Refaeli should be featured in the ad while wearing the underwear."  It took some major league brain power to solve this mystery.

Based on the :35-second mark of this video, I highly doubt Bar Refaeli's forehand is good enough to take down Serena Williams.  However, she can market the heck out of some underwear.  I'm willing to look past her lack of tennis prowess.  Right or wrong?  Freakin true.  Below is another video which promotes Bar's new line of underwear.  Don't worry, it's tastefully done.  Also, make sure you check out our NCBB Tournament.  It's our "Babe Bracket."  There is still time to vote.  CLICK HERE!

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