Charles Barkley is a guy who always speaks his mind, especially when he doesn't know his comments are being filmed.

Charles Barkley is never shy when it comes to speaking his mind.  He disses Weight Watchers (a product he currently endorses) in this video.  Chuck probably doesn't realize that he is on camera while saying this, but I'm not sure it would matter.  It wouldn't surprise me whatsoever if Charles said the same thing while being completely aware that he was on camera.  He's definitely outspoken.

I love his comments about the Atlanta Hawks.  They lost in triple overtime to the Miami Heat on Thursday night 116-109.  Both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were inactive due to injury.  The Hawks failed to beat a team with Chris Bosh and a bunch of guys who are just guys.  The Hawks are too nice.  They are hard to watch at times.  They settle for jump shots and just play soft.  Chuck is right on point with his assessment of Atlanta.

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