Brett has caused a lot of trouble in New York, all of which is coming down after his time with the Jets.  Now one day after filing retirement paper work, a familiar story is coming out in Minnesota.

Stephanie Dusenberry, a former in house and now independent massage therapist for the Minnesota Vikings, has come forward about being sexually harassed through texts by members of the Minnesota Vikings.  Surprise, surprise, Brett’s name is on the list of guys trying to get a happy ending after practice. Brett stated “he hadn’t felt a women’s touch in 3 weeks” and “No one will know”.

Brett, no one did know until she went public today. Brett reminds me of a grandfather who just shouldn’t have a cell phone because he just doesn’t understand it. Brett needs to understand that his I-Phone doesn’t have app called “Ladies” for his own enjoyment.

All I have to say about this is “Hey Vikings fans. Welcome to the aftermath”. Brett is a hound when it comes to the ladies, the only reason nothing came out in Green Bay is because even the guys would come over and help Brett with his personal problems if they where lucky enough to get a text.

Brett needs to take a note from street thugs and doctors from the early 90s, and get a beeper.  I don’t think anyone has ever sent a picture of their man hood with a beeper.