Brett is on his way out, and for 300 bucks you can grab a memento of Brett’s greatest indecisions. Here is what 300 clams buy you.

You get a signed photo featuring him playing for all 3 of the teams he played for during the last half decade of Favre-A-Poluza.  Yah its been a rough 5 years for the Hall of Fame quarterback, Sexting, Sexual harassment, and ending his career on 3 separate occasions on an interception (oh, and this year on an injury). Yes, Favre’s career has ended with a whimper instead of the glorious high note we all wished it would have ended on. Now you can own a grim reminder of how the mighty have fallen for just 300 bucks.

He states “its all 3 teams he played for during his legendary career”, I know he just got a major concussion but that’s no reason to forget about his time with the Falcons.  I mean he barley played but he made it to the playoffs. The Falcons Gave Brett an opportunity to earn him self the trade to Green Bay, the trade that got him off the bench and into the hall of Fame

I’m not ripping Brett for forgetting to mention the Falcons; I’m ripping him for dealing retirement memorabilia with out actually retiring yet. I wouldent be jumping all over Peyton Manning if he was on his last leg and doing this, but Brett has proved her can’t be trusted when he tells us anything.  There is a reason that there are 3 teams on this poster and not just the Packers. The only reason Brett isn’t on the poster in just his Green Bay uniform is a guy named Aaron Rodgers. The people in Green Bay have forgotten about Brett, and with every scandal (from Sexting to his Meth making sister) they are glad they have Aaron Rodgers.

As a Jet fan I have a big want to pay 300 bucks to remember the year where he was supposed to lead us to the super Bowl, but instead screwed up so bad on and off the field we are still dealing with his problems almost 3 years latter.  Thanks again, and I hope you get that “Happy Ending” you have been texting about.