Broncos head coach John Fox says that he won't be making a quarterback change going into week 9.  He will stick with Tim Tebow.

The Denver Broncos got beat up on Sunday by the Detroit Lions 45-10.  Quarterback Tim Tebow only completed 18 of 39 passes and was sacked 7 times by the Lions defense.  Denver head coach John Fox was critical of Tebow after the game, but has decided that he will be sticking with Tebow heading into week 9.  The catch is, he isn't committing to Tebow through week 9 just yet.

According to ESPN, since Tebow has taken over have the starting QB he has only completed 46% of his passes and has been sacked 13 times.  Not exactly elite stats.  Tebow also said that the Detroit game wasn't "all bad" and that they did some good things.  Perhaps Tebow forgot about the eight possessions they had with three or fewer plays.