Everyday Cam Newton's stature grows in my opinion. Both on the field and off. His on field exploits are well known. All kinds of rookie records to his portfolio. His snub of the pro bowl voting was absurd but personally i am not a passionate pro bowl voting guy when it comes to who gets in and who doesn't. There are always omissions. Cam, David Harris, and Victor Cruz stand out as being left out for now but again this isn't really a burning issue for me as it is for many.

What I am loving about Cam is how he is growing off the field. His marts and maturity are far beyond many his age. The latest example is when the garbage media tried to race bait him asking him if his skin color was the reason why he is criticized. Cam dismissed the race baiter and said " I can't sit here and say my critics are racist. I blame Jamarcus Russell and to some extent Vince Young (2 other black qb's). If you have the opportunity to make that kind of money doing something you love to do, why would you screw it up". Newton continued with this great line " I am trying to be a trailblazer. If Baylor's Robert Griffith comes out I want people to say he can be the next Cam Newton instead of he is going to be the next Jamarcus Russell". Bravo young fella. Man this guy is smart and great and hungry for success.

In a day and age where we have a lazy media always trying for the lowest common denominator and always intimating that race is behind every opinion Cam Newton the sure fire rookie of the year with the million dollar smile stopped the race baiting and the stupid right in it's place. Cam Newton-easy to root for and a great model for youth and intelligence